The quest for software freedom

The point of this website is to provide some light in the end of the tunnel for anyone seeking for free (libre), private and secure computing. I'll never make this website good enough for my perfectionism.

So, I decided to start from scratch, add stuff I want to share in random order and try to gradually evolve it.

What is Free Software and why care about it?

Get the hardware you can buy and own!

Install a Free (Libre) operating system (GNU/Linux distribution):

Use Free Software

Password manager

Comes first since storing passwords properly should be the first thing to do


Since browser is essentially the single most important program nowadays, choosing the proper one can be even more important for your privacy than your OS. Don't fall for the most promoted.

Learning resources

Resources for teachers

Free Software directories

Useful utilities (personal collection of less known ones)

Use online services and tools, made for people, by people

Important note: hosting these public services (especially media related) can be very costly, so please consider donating to support them and/or hosting your own instances.

Good reads

Free Software games (a personal top selection)